Yellowstone in Trouble: Kelly Reilly Steps in to Mediate Between Kevin Costner and the Show

Kelly Reilly is an actress on Yellowstone. She works with Kevin Costner.

She wants to make things better between him and the people who make the show.

Yellowstone is a show about cowboys. Kevin Costner plays John Dutton.

He is the main character. But he had some problems when he got the job.

Kevin Costner is making trouble for the show. He does not want to work as much as they need him to.

He wants to work on another movie called Horizon.

Kevin Costner likes Horizon more than Yellowstone. But Yellowstone needs him to finish the show.

Some people say that Kevin Costner’s wife wants him to work less. She wants to spend more time with him.

Kevin Costner’s lawyer says that this is not true. He says that Kevin Costner did not say he only wanted to work one week on Yellowstone.