Yellowstone Fans Wait for Hours to Meet Taylor Sheridan and Cole Hauser at Fort Worth Stock Show

Leslie Payne and her kids wanted to see two stars of Yellowstone. Yellowstone is a TV show about a ranch.

The stars were Taylor Sheridan and Cole Hauser. Taylor made the show. Cole plays Rip on the show.

They were at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo on Friday. They were signing their names on things for fans.

Leslie likes Kelly Reilly on the show. She plays Beth, Rip’s wife. But she was happy to see Cole too.

Taylor and Cole were near a store that sells Yellowstone clothes. The store has been there for a long time.

Laura Smyer and Ruth Angle also came to see Taylor and Cole. They got hats with their names on them for their husbands.

Laura liked Taylor more. Ruth liked Cole more. They were both very excited.