The End of John Dutton? Why Fans Think He Won’t Survive ‘Yellowstone’

The ending of “Yellowstone”, a TV series about a Montana ranching family.

“Yellowstone” will end after season five, which has not aired yet, due to drama with Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton, the patriarch of the family and the owner of the ranch.

John Dutton’s fate has been decided and he will be killed off in the final episodes, and compares his death to that of Logan Roy in “Succession”.

“Yellowstone” might join a new series starring Matthew McConaughey, which is also set in the same universe.

John Dutton, such as his diagnosis with colon cancer, his candidacy for Governor of Montana, and his rivalry with his adopted son Jamie, who is also running for the same office.

the prequel series “1883”, which follows John Dutton’s ancestors as they travel westward in search of a new life.