Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge’s Love Story: From Instagram to the Altar in France

Sofia Richie is a model. Her dad is Lionel Richie, a famous singer.

Elliot Grainge works in music. His dad is Lucian Grainge, a big boss in music.

Sofia and Elliot got married on April 22 in France. Their wedding was very pretty.

Sofia and Elliot got engaged in April 2022. They put pictures of it on Instagram. They said they love each other a lot.

Sofia and Elliot started dating in April 2021. They put a picture of them kissing on Instagram. They looked very happy.

Sofia and Elliot have things in common. They both like music and fashion. Their parents and friends are famous.

Sofia and Elliot’s friends said congrats when they got engaged and married. They said they are happy for them. They sent them hearts and emojis.

Sofia and Elliot are young. Sofia is 24 and Elliot is 27. They have a lot of time to be married.