Producer Reveals Most Regrettable Scene in 'The Big Bang Theory' History

A person who helps make the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” said there is a scene with Penny that they wish they didn’t do.

In the scene, Penny wore blackface to look like a character from “The Nutty Professor.”

The person who helps make the show said they are sorry for putting the scene in the show because it was not nice.

The scene was in season 2 of the show, which was on TV in 2008.

The person said they put the scene in the show to show they liked the “Nutty Professor” movie.

But the scene was not nice and made many people feel bad.

The person said that the show knows it made a mistake and will try to do better.

People like the show because it has many different kinds of characters and shows that being a nerd is cool, but this scene shows that even good shows can make mistakes.