Meredith Grey’s Top 10 O.R. Moments on Grey’s Anatomy

Written by caneup  May 01 , 2023

Meredith Grey is a doctor on a TV show called Grey’s Anatomy. She works in a hospital and does many surgeries.

The first time Meredith went to the surgery room was on her first day as a new doctor. The boss gave a speech that made her feel excited.

 One time, Meredith had to hold a bomb in her hand. The bomb was inside a person who was hurt. 

Another time, Meredith had to cut out her own appendix. Her appendix was making her sick and she needed surgery.

 Meredith also had some hard times in the surgery room. She had to do a surgery on her husband who was shot.

The last time Meredith was in the surgery room was when she said goodbye to her friends. She decided to leave the hospital and move to another city with her daughter.

Meredith Grey is an amazing doctor and person. She did many things that helped people and saved lives. She also faced many challenges and tragedies.