Fans Outraged: Sanju Samson’s Comment on MS Dhoni Sparks Controversy

Rajasthan Royals won against Chennai Super Kings by three runs in a close game in Chennai.

Even though Chennai Super Kings lost, Rajasthan Royals were nervous when Dhoni was batting.

Dhoni almost won the game by scoring 32 runs in just 17 balls.

In the last over, Dhoni hit two sixes but Sandeep Sharma’s good bowling helped Rajasthan Royals win.

Samson said he felt helpless when Dhoni was batting in the last over.

Samson praised Dhoni’s batting but some people were upset by what he said about him after the game.

Samson said the last two overs were tense and he tried his best but Dhoni is very good. He said you have to respect him and what he can do. Nothing works against him.

Some fans were angry because Samson called Dhoni “that guy” instead of using his name during his interview after the game.