Dollywood’s Apple Pie Scandal: Fans Outraged by Dolly Parton’s $229 Dessert

Dolly Parton is a famous singer. She has a theme park called Dollywood.

Dollywood has many things for families to enjoy, like water slides and a spa.

But Dollywood also sells a very expensive apple pie. It costs $229!

The pie is very big and heavy. It has many apples inside. It was made for a special occasion 13 years ago.

The pie is cooked on a big metal pan. It can feed four people, but each person gets a lot of pie.

Some people on YouTube have tried the pie. They paid $20 for one piece of pie.

Many fans are not happy with the pie. They think it is too much money for a pie. They don’t care if Dolly Parton likes it on TikTok.