Bad News for Yellowstone Fans: Season 5 Part 2 Might Not Air This Summer

Yellowstone is a show about a family that owns a big ranch in Montana.

Yellowstone has 5 seasons, but only the first half of season 5 has been shown so far.

Fans are waiting for the rest of season 5 to come out soon.

But a news report says that the show might not come back in the summer of 2023 as people thought.

The report says that there was no news about the show at a big event where the actors and makers talked about it.

The report also says that there are rumors that Kevin Costner, who plays the main character, might leave the show.

The report also says that another famous actor, Matthew McConaughey, might join a new show that is related to Yellowstone.

The last episode of season 5 that was shown was called “A Knife and No Coin”. It was shown on January 1, 2023.

There are six more episodes left in season 5. But we don’t know when they will be shown or if they are ready.