The Duttons Ride Again: Who’s In and Out for Yellowstone’s Final Season

With Yellowstone gearing up for its sixth and final season, fans are eager to know which cast members will be back to bring the epic Western saga to an end. While some stars are confirmed to return, others remain undecided. Here’s a look at who’s likely in and out for the Dutton family’s last ride.

Kevin Costner – In

Kevin Costner - In
Kevin Costner – In

After months of uncertainty, Kevin Costner has confirmed he will return as John Dutton for Yellowstone’s final season. Costner indicated in interviews he needed to start wrapping up his time on the show, leading to questions about his role in Season 6. But it wouldn’t be Yellowstone without its patriarch, so Costner is back to steer the ranch through its conclusion.

Kelly Reilly – In

Kelly Reilly - In

As fan-favorite Beth Dutton, Kelly Reilly will also be back to add her signature snark and scheming. Reilly has been a foundational part of the show since Season 1, so it’s essential she helps close Beth’s storyline in a deserving way.

Luke Grimes – Probably In

Luke Grimes - Probably In

Luke Grimes has become central to the show as Kayce Dutton. However, Grimes has yet to officially confirm his return. Still, Kayce is too important to not give him a proper sendoff, so fans can likely expect him back.

Cole Hauser

Cole Hauser

Similarly, Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler is a core character, but Hauser has not yet indicated if he will return. Since Rip’s journey is so tied to Kelly Reilly’s Beth, it would be surprising if he didn’t feature prominently in the final season.

Wes Bentley – Probably Out

Wes Bentley - Probably Out

After being a regular for 5 seasons, Wes Bentley seems ready to wrap up his time as the conflicted adopted son, Jamie Dutton. Bentley may come back in a limited capacity to close out Jamie’s story, but don’t expect him to be central to Season 6.

A Fitting Farewell

While some supporting characters’ futures are also up in the air, bringing back the main Dutton family will allow the showrunners to give Yellowstone’s most iconic characters proper resolutions. After a groundbreaking, genre-redefining run, fans will surely be grateful to see the Duttons ride off into the Montana sunset one last time.

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