Report: The Remaining Yellowstone Season 5 Episodes Are Not Coming Out in Summer 2023

Popular drama series Yellowstone released the first 7 episodes of its 5th season in November and December 2022. However, the remaining 6 episodes that were expected to release in summer 2023 now seem delayed.

Background on Yellowstone Season 5

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family, owners of the largest ranch in the United States. The show stars Kevin Costner as John Dutton, the patriarch of the family. Season 5 continues the family’s struggle to maintain control over their ranch and way of life.

The season premiered with a special 2-hour event on November 13, 2022. The first 7 episodes aired weekly until December 19, 2022. Then the show went on a mid-season break, as is typical for many popular cable dramas.

Fans expected the remaining 6 episodes to air in summer 2023, continuing Yellowstone’s summer run from previous seasons. However, recent reports indicate these episodes have been delayed.

Yellowstone Season 5 Return Delayed

In January 2023, sources close to the production reported that the back half of Yellowstone Season 5 has been delayed indefinitely. It now seems unlikely the remaining episodes will air in summer 2023 as originally planned.

The reasons for the delay are not fully clear. Some reports cite scheduling conflicts with the cast and crew as a potential factor. Star Kevin Costner is involved in another major project this year, the movie Horizon. Issues coordinating his schedule between the two productions may have led to postponing Yellowstone filming.

Other sources mention creative reasons behind the delay. Writer and showrunner Taylor Sheridan may be tweaking the remaining scripts to improve the storyline. He apparently was not fully satisfied with the initial drafts.

Whatever the exact causes, it appears fans will have to wait longer than expected to see how Yellowstone Season 5 concludes.

How Many Episodes Are Left in Season 5?

The first part of Yellowstone Season 5 spanned 7 episodes titled:

  • One Hundred Years is Nothing
  • The Sting of Wisdom
  • Tall Drink of Water
  • Horses in Heaven
  • Watch ‘Em Ride Away
  • Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and You
  • Keep the Wolves Close

There are 6 remaining episodes left to air for Season 5. Their titles are not yet known.

The entire season will have an unusually long run of 13 episodes. Past seasons ranged from 8 to 10 episodes each.

When Will the Rest of Season 5 Air?

Unfortunately there is no definite return date set yet for Yellowstone. The back half of Season 5 could air anytime between spring 2023 up until next fall.

Some predictions suggest the show will return in early 2024 to avoid competing with the 2023 holiday season. However, Paramount Network has not provided any official confirmation.

The network will want to bring Yellowstone back as soon as feasible. As cable’s biggest show, new episodes will surely garner strong ratings whenever they air. The long break also risks frustrating and losing viewer interest.

So most likely we can expect the remaining Season 5 episodes to return at some point in 2023, even if not as soon as the summer.

What to Expect When Season 5 Returns

Yellowstone left us hanging with quite a few unresolved storylines after the mid-season finale. Here are some of the biggest questions we expect to be addressed when the show comes back:

  • What will happen now that Beth has taken over Market Equities? How will she handle that immense power?
  • Will Jamie finally break fully free of the Duttons or be pulled back into the fold?
  • Is John still planning to run for Governor of Montana? What could that mean for the ranch?
  • What vengeful actions might the militia group take against the Duttons and the ranch?
  • Will Kayce continue down his spiritual journey or return to the ranch?
  • What is in store for Monica and her new ranch hand?

There are also some new story threads likely to emerge later in the season. We’ve already seen glimpses of drama stirring around the rodeo and its organizers. This could drive conflict as the season progresses.

And the show will have to resolve the seasonal arc about protecting the Yellowstone ranch. Threats against the land will ramp up into an epic confrontation by the end.

Overall it’s certain the back half of Season 5 will contain plenty of the high-stakes drama and shocking twists Yellowstone is renowned for.

Yellowstone Season 6 Renewal Status

While Yellowstone Season 5 got split into two parts, fans can take comfort that the story will continue beyond this season.

Paramount renewed Yellowstone for a 6th season in February 2023. The entire cast is set to return, and filming will begin later this year.

Season 6 may air in late 2023 or early 2024 depending on when Season 5 finishes up.

Additionally, Paramount has spun off other series set in the Yellowstone universe:

  • 1883 (a Yellowstone prequel series about the Dutton ancestors)
  • 1923 (sequel to 1883 starring Harrison Ford)
  • 6666 (prequel about the founding of the 6666 ranch)
  • Bass Reeves (lawman spin-off with David Oyelowo)

So there will be plenty more Yellowstone content flowing in the next few years. Season 5 is not the end of the road for the lucrative franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Return of Yellowstone Season 5

Here are answers to some common questions fans have about when Yellowstone will return to finish Season 5:

When will the remaining Season 5 episodes air?

There is no set return date yet. Most likely sometime in 2023, but it’s possible the show won’t be back until early 2024. Fans will have to keep waiting for an official announcement.

Why was there such a long break between the first and second parts of Season 5?

Split seasons with a mid-season break are common for popular cable dramas. The initial break was planned. But extending it much longer than expected does seem tied to delays in filming the remainder.

How many total episodes will there be in Yellowstone Season 5?

The full season will span 13 episodes total. The first 7 aired in fall 2022, leaving 6 left to air when the show returns.

Will the rest of Season 5 film this year?

Yes, production is expected to resume in 2023 once scheduling lining up. That will allow the unfinished episodes to air either late this year or early next.

Could Season 5 get split into 3 parts rather than just 2?

It’s highly unlikely. Splitting into more than 2 parts would frustrate audiences too much, especially with the delays. Expect a continuous run of the final 6 episodes when Yellowstone returns.

Will Season 6 also be split into two parts?

No official word yet on the structure of Season 6. The show could return to a more typical 10 episode run next season. But Paramount may stick with the split season model that has worked well so far.

Is the mid-season break just to build hype?

While it does generate anticipation, the break is needed to allow time to complete filming. The show has an ambitious production schedule that requires pauses.

The Wait for Answers Continues

Yellowstone Season 5 left fans hanging in multiple ways with its cliffhanger mid-season finale just before the holidays. When it will return to resolve those plots remains unknown.

While the delay is disappointing, it reflects the care and effort that goes into making Yellowstone one of the best dramas currently on television.

Hopefully Paramount will make an announcement soon about a target return timeframe. Until then, fans will have to hang on waiting eagerly for answers and resolutions.

When Yellowstone does come back, it is guaranteed to deliver the same gripping drama and stellar performances we’ve come to expect. The back half of Season 5 will be well worth the extended wait.

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