Dutton Family Tree Dissected: Is 1923’s Spencer the Grandfather of Yellowstone’s John Dutton?

Introducing Spencer Dutton, Protagonist of 1923

The Yellowstone prequel series 1923 focuses on the next generation of the Dutton family introduced in 1883. Brandon Sklenar plays Spencer Dutton, one of the main characters trying to build up the family ranch in the early 20th century alongside his relatives. Spencer emerges as a central figure in 1923 as a rugged cowboy protecting the Dutton legacy.

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John Dutton III as Current Yellowstone Patriarch


Meanwhile, in the present-day Yellowstone series, Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton III, the contemporary patriarch of the Yellowstone ranch and family business. John upholds the Dutton name in the modern era, descending directly from the pioneering ancestors seen in the prequel shows like 1923.

Theories Around Spencer as John’s Grandfather


This raises theories that Spencer could be the connecting link between 1923 and Yellowstone as the grandfather of John Dutton III. If this theory proves true, it would establish Spencer as the next generation who bridges the Dutton family from the 1920s to John’s era.

Analyzing Spencer’s Lineage and Age

Examining Spencer’s age and family line lends credibility to the idea that he could be John’s grandfather. Spencer appears to be in his 20s or 30s in 1923, putting him at the right age to potentially have a grandchild like John decades later. As James Dutton’s grandson, Spencer is also in the direct family line to have a descendant like John further down the generations.

What We Know About John’s Grandfather

In Yellowstone, details about John Dutton’s grandfather portray him as a tough rancher who built up the family’s legacy. This aligns with the gritty pioneer spirit embodied by Spencer as a young Dutton seeking to establish himself on the ranch in 1923. Their shared values and experiences make the bond between grandfather and grandson highly plausible.

Other Potential Candidates from 1923

While Spencer seems a prime contender, there are other Duttons in 1923 who could feasibly fill the role of John’s grandfather. Spencer’s brother John Dutton Sr. may also be in consideration, as might Spencer’s uncle Jacob Dutton or other older Dutton relatives. But Spencer’s central role in 1923 suggests he is being set up as the next prominent Dutton ancestor.

Implications if Spencer is John’s Grandfather

Confirming Spencer Dutton as John’s grandfather would illuminate important lineage between Yellowstone and 1923. It would showcase Spencer’s direct impact on shaping John into the present-day Yellowstone patriarch committed to protecting the ranch at all costs.

Timeline Hints at Direct Link Between Spencer and John

While still theoretical, the timeline evidence makes it highly possible that Spencer and John are closely related in a grandfather-grandson relationship. Their ages and places in the Dutton family tree suggest a direct connection will be revealed between the characters over the course of both shows.

Conclusion: Exciting Clues to Dutton Legacy

1923 provides enticing glimpses into the earlier days of the Dutton empire and John Dutton’s possible patriarchal predecessors like Spencer. It sets the stage to unravel more of the complex family tapestry that defines John Dutton III and the Yellowstone ranch in the modern day. Spencer Dutton emerges as a potential crucial bridge linking John directly to his heritage from the wild frontier era.

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